You asked, and I've delivered! Here is the list of the top tools I use in my business every day.

Sending e-mails

I use ConvertKit as my email marketing provider.

The goal of any email marketing tool should be profitability. From setting up email sequences, sending out my regular broadcast emails, connecting to my audience, CK has a ton of features that will help you create a strong and profitable email list.

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Collecting Payments

I use ThriveCart for my shopping cart and it lets me automatically deliver my digital files, create upsell products, sell physical products, and so much more. Most carts cost an average of $99/month, but Thrivecart offers competitive features for only one lifetime payment of $497.

Some lower cost options to deliver digital products include SendOwl (also offers an upsell option), PulleyApp, or DPDcart. For physical products, you could always use Shopify, WooCommerce, or create a Square/Paypal store.

I use Paypal and Stripe as my connected payment gateways.

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Creating presentations

By presentations, I mean the actual deck, not the content. My go to designer is Canva. Not only do I use this to create presentations, but also social media posts, flyers, web graphics, the list goes on. I teach a class at least once a week, and all of my slides are created in Canva.

There's also a new Present and Website mode that you can use along with Loom to make prerecorded videos.

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Hosting Webinars

I use LiveWebinar to host both my live and evergreen webinars. I've used WebinarJam in the past, which has a great marketing system and is available for $297 per month (you can probably catch an offer that they run often, if you pay for a full year). However, I've been able to utilize many of the same features and provide active feedback to the developers to help create a competitive product. LiveWebinar allows you to completely brand the platform as your own for only $15/monthly with unlimited class sizes. Zoom is also a great starter system, if you'll initially have a smaller class size.

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Screen recording

I also use LiveWebinar to record my video trainings, tutorials, audits and more. For editing, I'll usually use a program I downloaded for my MacBook a while back called Screenflow. Other options include Loom, which has a free plan for basic recording and sharing, in addition to an $8 per month pro plan.

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Most of us don't honestly need a full website, and for that reason, I use Leadpages for all my landing pages. Every single page you see in my link tree, including the tree page itself, is built in Leadpages. The goal here is to connect with prospective customers to build buyer relationships and sales info pages to help them with their purchasing decision.

My academy site, is hosted on Wordpress. I love the idea of owning my intellectual property and systems, but it's not a good idea if you don't have a technical background. Other options could be Wix, Squarespace, plus Shopify and WooCommerce if you're offering physical products.

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Schedule Social Media Content

I don't always schedule my content, but sometimes it's necessary. I have two go-to platforms, Planoly and Later. Both are Instagram partners, which is important when it comes to protecting your page from violating policies that could compromise it.

I love that I can schedule Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest on Later (but I don't, honestly). I looooooove how I can visualize my posts on Planoly for overall design and aesthetics. Both are great, for different reasons and are available at a low price.

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Create Countdowns

Not sure if you've noticed but there are time limits to all my special offers. There are standard countdowns that can be added to the sales pages you create through Leadpages. However, if you need added functionality, Deadline Funnel is perfect. You can add the code to pretty much any site, including emails. If you're only looking to add timers to your emails, Motion Mail is a great free option.

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Send Text Messages

I use Txt180 for text marketing. You can send text messages for reminders when you’re going Live, about sales, free content to build your list, challenges and so much more. I’ve fallen in love with text message marketing because it gives your audience another way to connect directly with you and the response rate is amazing.

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Create Digital Courses and Membership Sites

Again, I personally enjoy owning the platform I use for my Academy, so I have LifterLMS connected to my Wordpress site. If you can't maintain a Wordpress site yourself or hire someone to do it for you, I'd take an easier route. Some options include: Kajabi, Teachable, Teachcraft, Thinkific, etc.

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