Ladypreneur® Academy Mission10K: 10K Ladies to $100K...FROM HOME!

Want to grow your home-based business to give you the FREEDOM you deserve?

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Build a profitable home-based business with our mentorship program

Our individual courses are great, but our Ladypreneur® Academy members are seeing incredible growth thanks to unlimited access to our Build-A-Biz curriculum, peer accountability, and expert support.

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Our members hit their revenue goals 5 times faster than one-time users.

Save Time & Resources

Don’t waste time researching or piecing together answers. Get regular access to $10K worth of training.

Support & Accountability

You're not in this alone. Get support and accountability for your goals within our tribe.


“The experts at Ladypreneur Academy always have strategies to help grow my business. They took the time to get to know me and my goals, and they’re here whenever I have an issue or question come up about my tasks.”

— Dana M. 

Meet Your Leading Ladypreneur®

“Hey friend heeeeyyyyy! My name is Juanika, the Queen Bee of home-based businesses. I've helped thousands of women grow their Network Marketing, Affiliate, and Home-based businesses online, and we're just getting started. I'm on a mission to help 10,000 ladies make 100K from home...will you be one of them? Let's do this together!"

— Juanika Cuthbertson

As a member, you'll get:

Expert Q&A

Have a question about your next big business move? Whether you have a small question about inventory or an impactful idea about expansion, you'll have access to expert business builders to get the answers you need to grow and profit.

Monthly Training Series

Every month, we'll cover in depth topics to help you grow your home-based business. This masterclass will include training, assignments to apply the learnings, challenges to support and hold you accountable, and hot-seat checkins to ensure your business gets the attention it needs.

A Tribe of Powerhouse Ladypreneurs®

You're not in this alone. In fact, we have a tribe of women in business waiting to support and hold you accountable, as you do the same in return. Together we'll build our businesses to a place of freedom and success for ourselves and our families.

Income Opportunities

We want you profitable in more ways than one, so earn with Ladypreneur®! As a Team Lead, you can create an additional stream of income and grow through the ranks of the Society! Earn through direct payment, recognition, branded incentives and much more.

Get the mentorship and support you need for as low as $33/month

With weekly expert check-ins, monthly training modules and unlimited Q&A, never get stuck guessing what to do next for your business. Join the Ladypreneur® Academy Membership today, and get access to thousands of dollars worth of training! ($97 monthly value.) Come for the training, stay for the tribe.


What Our Members Are Saying

"Self-publishing my first book was a breeze, thanks to the Academy! I had good content, but with the help of this network, I was able to create a quality product, and pocket the profit."

- Gina T.

"I constantly refer Juanika and the instructors here. Unfortunately, people give away their earnings for lack of knowledge on the process. Never again! Let the Academy teach you to keep your profits where they belong!"

- Erika G.

"I learned the importance of an EIN and business formation for tax benefits. I'm encouraged by the amount of female entrepreneurs that I'm able to learn from and I'm thankful for Ladypreneur Academy leading the way! Thumbs up!"

- Courtney H.